My Biggest Mistake to Date

Mistake. People say don’t call it a mistake, it’s a “learning opportunity.” I agree but that’s only because mistakes lead to you learning something. Either way it’s still a mistake.

My biggest mistake has been my lack of trust in myself.

I have spent too much time in an environment where money is almost everything. Therefore, working for a big company or having a big title means more money and more happiness. But I have been told I should only go for “safe” jobs. Jobs where my chances of actually landing them are good.

I have dreamt about working for some big companies like CBS (Late Late Night with Craig Ferguson), Warner Brothers, HBO, and Google. I have received many raised eyebrows due to the fact that the percentage of people who actually get these jobs are very low.

But why can’t I be in that small percentage?

Well, there is my mistake. Instead of fighting for what I actually want, I have kept my mind focused on what others were saying to be true. For me, it was easier to try it their way, fail, and blame it on them than do it my way, fail, and blame it on myself. 


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