The “Good Enough” Life

In order to clear my head before my exam, I have decided to write a post and I sure hope it helps.

In today’s issue of the Globe and Mail, I read an article called “The Secret of Happiness.” This article talks about how people should not set expectations because it leaves them disappointed and depressed. It claims that people should settle for the “good enough” life. However, on the contrary, it says people can have standards in order to do well.


Call me an idiot if you must but where do you draw the line between an “expectation” and a “standard”?

Let’s say your standard is honesty. Doesn’t that mean you expect people to be honest?

Their example was that your standard may be working hard. It helps you do better but doesn’t mean that you will be let down when you don’t reach “perfection.” I would like to point out that each person has their own sense of “perfection” which is set by their standards. Perfection is usually a goal you’re trying to reach. Are they suggesting we shouldn’t set goals?

Can somebody please explain to me how this is actually supposed to work in the real life? It’s a great sounding concept but I don’t think it’s functional… Somebody please prove me wrong…


A little side note… I just read some of the comments on the article and people are saying how certain things are important but money isn’t. It’s unfortunate how the “things” they’re talking about actually require money. Therefore, I will post what I wrote on Twitter yesterday…

Dear “money can’t buy happiness,”

Maybe not… But I’d rather cry in a Ferrari.


Try again

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